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Saintfeild Show 2022

Haltcliffe Nijinsky continues his reign of the ring at Saintfeild Show 2022.

Overall Limousin and Interbreed Champion, "HALTCLIFFE NIJINSKY" pictured with Stephen Crawford, Herbie Crawford, Limousin Judge Donald Smyth, Julie-Anne and Tommy

Crawford Brothers arrived at Saintfeild Show 2022 with a Champion Show Team:

  • Female Champion Rathkeeland Phoenix

  • Reserve Female Champion RATHKEELAND TENDDRESSE

  • Male Champion Haltcliffe Nijinsky

  • Overall Limousin Champion Haltcliffe Nijinsky

  • Interbreed Champion Haltcliffe Nijinsky

Reserve Female Champion RATHKEELAND TENDDRESSE, is an impressive young heifer calf who has plenty of potential to have a bright future in the show rings.

RATHKEELAND TENDDRESSE with Limousin Judge Donald Smyth

Female Champion Rathkeeland Phoenix returned to the show ring after winning Overall Limousin Champion at Lurgan Show 2022.

Male Champion Haltcliffe Nijinsky came back defending his title as Saintfeild Limousin Champion. Haltcliffe Nijinsky looked impressive as he entered the show ring, it was his day to dominate. Haltcliffe Nijinsky won Overall Limousin and Interbreed Champion. A fine bull with impressive progeny.


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