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Our Armagh show 2019 Round Up

It was another blistering success for Haltcliffe Nijinsky from Crawford Brothers, who managed to secure the double, winning two Limousin Championships in a row. It was yet another successful day for the Limousin Breed as Crawford brothers continue their winning form.

The rain didn't stay away from Armagh show this year, with exhibitors being drenched in heavy showers, but that couldn't dampen the atmosphere on the cattle lawns, there were smiles all round as the competitions heated up. The Limousin judge of the day was Gordon Snodgrass of Sion Mills.

Haltcliffe Nijinsky from Crawford Brothers, had a big show the previous week, and he came to Armagh Show with that impressive form to live up too. He entered the ring, Class 70 SENIOR BULL, born before 2018, and from that moment on, he continued his winning form. Nijinsky made a big impression from the very start when he was awarded first place by judge Gordon Snodgrass.

Next into the ring, was the show team matriarch, Culnagechan Liberty, Class 72 COW any age in calf or having produced a calf in the past 12 months. Culnagechan Liberty continued her winning form, securing her third successive red rosette (1st place) in a row within the Limousin cow classes. Red rosettes were something she was going to get used to the rest of the day.

Play mates, Rathkeeland Phoenix and Rathkeeland and Posh Girl, the newest member of the Crawford Brothers Show Team went head to head in Class 75 BULL OR HEIFER CALF born in 2019. The two heifers excelled in their class with both landing the top two prizes 1st and 2nd!

In Class 76 PAIR of animals owned by the same exhibitor, Crawford brothers had two pairs: the first was, Haltcliffe Nijinsky (Limousin Champion) and Culnagechan Liberty, a very well balanced pair, in terms of height, breed correctness, they were the perfect example of the Limousin breed, representing the finest feminine and masculine qualities yet they both complimented each other, they were an outstanding pair in their field. the second pair were the show team youngster, the two heifer calves, Rathkeeland Posh Girl and Rathkeeland Phoenix, two very different types of heifers, but evenly matched on height and class. How could the youngsters stand up to the test? The answer, very well! Gordon Snodgrass awarded 1st place to Haltcliffe Nijinsky and Culnagechan Liberty, in 2nd place Rathkeeland Posh Girl and Rathkeeland Phoenix, another milestone moment for the youngsters.

To round off the Limousin judging was the Over all Limousin Championship, who would be awarded the TRAYNOR METALS PERPETUAL TROPHY? Haltcliffe Nijinsky continued his champion form and brought home the silverware for Crawford Brothers. The Reserve Limousin Champion went to the stylish young heifer, Artnagullion Nathoush from James Alexander. It was a solid repeat performance of last weeks Champion results at Ballymoney Show by the winning pair.

The popular youngster, Rathkeeland Phoenix stood her own ground in Interbreed Class 102 Pedigree Calf Championship, where she was awarded Reserve. The interbreed judge was Stuart Wilson who really fell for the youngster, he was torn between the September 2018 born Simmental Bull and the Limousin February 2019 Limousin heifer. In the end he awarded the Simmental Bull Champion and Rathkeeland Phoenix Reserve, he stated that if she had more age she would have had it, it was a tough call for the judge. Phoenix's class and potential was widely remarked upon from on watchers, with plenty coming to see the heifer after the class. Her popularity is soaring throughout the bovine scene with many already remarking her potential for the big stage at the top shows next year, the future is surely bright for our future star.

Stuart Wilson was tasked with judging the Interbreed Class 103 Best Pair of Pedigree Beef Cattle. Haltcliffe Nijinsky (Limousin Champion) and Culnagechan Liberty took to the ring again to compete as a pair, they dominated the Limousins but could they hold up in the interbreed. The Judge Stuart Wilson certainly agreed with Limousin judge Gordon Snodgrass's order of the Limousin pairs, when he gave them first preference and awarded them the highly esteemed prize, Best Interbreed Pair of Pedigree Beef Animal.

Interbreed Class 104 Best group of Three pedigree Animals, The Crawford Brothers trio were, Haltcliffe Nijinsky (Limousin Champion) and Culnagechan Liberty and Rathkeeland Nellie. The Judge Stuart Wilson wasted no time in backing up his previous preference with the addition of Nellie and awarded the trio with the best Best Group of Three pedigree Animals. Rathkeeland Nellie has the obvious potential for making an excellent cow, her maternal traits are visible, the 2017 heifer in calf will surely mature to make her mark on the show scene next year as a beautifully matured cow with a calf at foot. The duo females complimented the Strength of the bull, their height and features all blended well to make an excellent trio winning team.

The compeition in the Overall Interbreed Championship was very tight, with the finest example of the breeds being represented. The overall Limousin Champion Haltcliffe Nijinsky and the Reserve Champion Artnagullion Nathoush proudly represented the Limousin breed. From the moment Haltcliffe Nijinsky entered the ring he stood out for his correctness, his features are strong yet clean, he was lean, long, well proportioned and everything was just perfect, there really is no fault to be found in the Limousin Champion. He is a perfect representation for the breed and carries the flag well. The Judge Stuart Wilson awarded the Interbreed Supreme Beef Championship to the Matchett Family’s 2 year old heifer Summerville Niki who was selected by David Magee from Cavan earlier in the day. The Reserve Interbreed Supreme Beef Championship was awarded to Haltcliffe Nijinsky, the 2017 bull who was chosen by Gordon Snodgrass previously on the day. Haltcliffe Nijinsky continues to reign supreme in the judging rings.

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